Cold Asphalt and the Nameless Perfume

We make too much plans. Plans that we know, inside, deep inside, would not be met, plans were made to fill that empty night, while the wind out of the hall fill every space, ignored only by our beers in half. Yesterday I had a dream, I do not think I came to tell you, maybe you will never know.

Strange dream, fast, but who make me wake up different, thinking more about everything that I can lost, about the thinks they planted in us and, to where we were going, up to us to survive.

These are strange days, where everything change when the sun goes down over the hills and the dark brought the void that we could not avoid. That night I smiled at people who might not see me anymore, I danced songs that I could never hear anymore, and get out of there, at the middle of everything, I scream inside, supported by the wind over the park asphalt, I scream in silence for everything that I could never see again.

Then I saw her, and for a moment I just want to run away, run, and hide to not to show my perennial weakness, to forget, hide, and escape if for only for a second…

So she hug me, with a strength I do not remember she would be able, but still with a smoothness only compared to her perfume, oh how I want to feel that perfume forever. She knew. Knew that was my duty. Kewn, even unintentionally, she need to accept. Knew that could be everything we could have, and when I think I would explode with the confusion in my head over my feelings and thoughts inside me…

The silence came, with the touch of those soft lips, like a hurricane who throw me far away from everything, to a state where nothing more matters, only that perfume. Lavender? Maybe vanilla, I don’t remember anymore, but where I go names doesn’t matter, I just need to feel her touch, her presence, and her perfume with me.

Soon after she left me, a silent goodbye, there in my own pride, without she want to destroy the little that was left in me, and the many who still in her, the others came after, with more bottles, with all of their plans to better times, other worlds, and I dived wih them in all that ther was, and ther we strove to believe that we will have one day.

The bottles dried, the su rises and the ship took us away. Everything tha lasts was the plans of cold asphalt, and winds of an nameless perfume.


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